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The BBQ Brisket Burger

The BBQ Brisket Burger

The mighty burger, a seemingly simple meal but one that, in the right hands can be turned into something truly spectacular. Introducing our BBQ brisket burger – with the perfect ratio of meat-to-bun, this succulent delight is the ultimate post work, pre-party, anytime bite. Enjoy!


4 brioche burger buns
600g of wagyu beef brisket
1L boiling chicken stock
10g mustard powder
80g sea salt
10g smokey paprika
10g of ground black pepper
30g brown sugar
Sliced provolone cheese
BBQ sauce


To create the seasoning, mix the mustard powder, sea salt, black pepper, smoky paprika and brown sugar together.
Next, generously rub the seasoning and vegetable oil into the brisket. Then, place the brisket on the BBQ or frying pan, allowing each side to caramelise. Once cooked place the brisket in an oven dish and pour in the boiling chicken stock, then, cover and cook for 4 hours, until the brisket is tender. And finally, it’s time to assemble! Spread a generous dollop of BBQ and aioli on the bottom bun then add the meat and toppings as desired. Grab a bib and get stuck in.

TIP: It’s best to cook the brisket the day prior to serving, as it becomes more flavoursome and tender

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